Learning Everything About Diff Lockers Before Making a Move

Sometimes known as locking differential, diff lockers are designed for creating that outstanding difference in 4wd performance in certain conditions. This kind of product can easily be modified to match the standardized version of multiple automobiles. The main purpose of this spare part is to restrict each of two wheels on an axle to same rotational speed, regardless of the current traction available on each wheel. Some people might try working on unlocked differentials while traveling on hard surface, but it might cause some serious issues in certain areas.

Diff Lockers

Diff Lockers

Three Lockable Differentials:

In some of the rough road situations, you are asked to get along with three forms of independent and manual types of diff lockers. Dog clutches are used over here for providing the lock up. It is mandatory for you to get help from experienced and trained driver only while using these locks well. Remember that improper use on pavement can cause some serious issues, which can further lead to death. Moreover, some improper off-road usage can cause some serious component fail or can lead to severe difficulties to maneuver the vehicle.

Most of the time, it is important to lock the differentials manually before working on the traction. It is important to lock it even before the wheels start to spin. You have to switch it off on an immediate, just after passing through any tough round situation.

Jobs of a Locker:

Before you even try to work on diff lockers, it is important to learn about the job roles these products deal with. You should even want to learn how this lock works for procuring better result. The jobs of these lockers are differentiated under multiple platforms for gaining better result. The main aim of this lock is to aim the power of the engine at wheels and control its movements well. It can further be used to act as final gear version of reduction in vehicle.

It helps in slowing the rotational speed of transmission, before it even hits the wheels. You can event take help of lock differential for transmitting power to wheels, and by allowing the wheels to rotate at multiple speeds. With the help of this product, you get the chance to spin wheels at multiple speeds. It can even direct power to the wheel that is easiest to rotate.

Ways to Lock the Rear Differential:

This might be your first time when you are using diff lockers, right? If so, then you might not be aware of the points to use for locking the rear differentials. The open differential helps the wheels to move at multiple speeds. A locked differential, on the other hand, prevents the wheels from rotating at different speeds.

So, for locking the differential, you have to turn the switch on manually. You also have to turn on the 2 output pistons used for controlling the movements of two wheels in a separate manner. These are all locked together. So, no matter which speed the first wheel rotates, the other wheel will rotate on that same speed.

Three and One Type:

Remember that 4 x 4 vehicles have 3 diff lockers. On the other hand, the non 4 x 4 vehicles have one. The two locks are located just between wheels and used for performing the same purpose. One works at the front and another one at back. Without It the wheels spin at multiple speeds. The center differential helps the front and rear wheel sets to spin at various levels. You need to be aware of these locks first before using them safely.


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