What You Should Know About Customized Granny Flats?

If you want your parents to live with you then a granny flat can be a great option. These flats are usually made separately on the grounds of your house. These flats are built mostly for any additional family whom you want to live with you. People want to take care of their ageing parents or grandparents but their houses unfortunately do not have enough space to accommodate so many people. For such cases granny flat is a savior. Custom granny flats make it easier for you to make room for your closed ones without disturbing your privacy.


Custom Granny Flats

A granny flat can accommodate a family consisting of two or more people. A granny flat can share the main house compounds. It can also be made on separate grounds, however in the same premises. Most people construct a granny flat so that they can keep his grandparents or parents in those houses and hence the term was coined. There are also other names for such types of flats like casita carriage, mother-in-law unit, bonus unit or accessory apartment. Granny flats can be designed and constructed in such a way that whoever lives there finds it cozy and appealing. The interiors are well designed and customized accordingly which gives a warm feeling to the house. These granny flats are becoming more popular in today’s multi generational housing concept.

Know About Customized Granny Flats

Most custom granny flats are miniature versions of big houses.  These provide the following:

  • Single or multiple bedrooms
  • A kitchen with contemporary amenities
  • Well-designed bathroom with various modern features
  • Dining place with sufficient space for family dining
  • Well-furnished living area

Granny flats can be customized in different ways as per the choice and requirements of the flat owners. There are various companies in the market which offer the services for customizing your granny flat according to your requirements. The most popular ways of customizing these flats are to have laundry facilities or installing high tech screening facilities in order to monitor the inhabitants of the houses. These flats sometimes can also be customized with medicine dispensing facilities as well.


Custom Granny Flat

Types of Granny Flats to Know

There are different types of granny flats and each of them is different than the others in terms of facilities and features. There are mainly four different types of granny flats but people can also customize them by integrating one or more features of one into another;

  • One of the most popular types of granny flats is the grans cottage. It is of traditional type and the kitchen space is quite huge. It has large bedrooms and the bathrooms have additional laundry spaces attached to it. You can get a balcony attached to the entrance of the unit.
  • Troughton is another type of granny flat. This is more spacious than any other types. You can get additional space of closets attached to each bedroom. Even the kitchen and living area is larger. Raked ceilings can be installed in this type of granny flat. This type of granny flat has better aesthetics and elegance.
  • Eco micro home is another type of granny flat. This flat also provides more space but not like troughton. But you can have adjustable ceiling and flooring here. It differs from the others due to the fact that it is more eco-friendly.
  • Lastly, we have the corner units. It mostly has one bedroom, but it can be constructed with two bedrooms also obviously as per the requirements. These types of custom granny flats come with a communal deck which makes a great substitute for paved areas. This flat can be constructed in any corner of the backyard and is most suitable for entertaining guests.

If you want to gain the above benefits then you need to have a granny flat in your home premises.