Various Things You Should Know Before Buy a Wrecker

A wrecker is another name for a tow truck. It is primarily used to move damaged vehicles from one location to the other location. This truck is different from a motor carrier, which is used to displace many cars from one location to the other. People used to hire some wreckers for towing their damaged car. Apart from that, you can find this truck in the automobile manufacturing units, because they need to deliver their car to the dealers through these wreckers.



Considerations to Look at Before Purchasing a Wrecker

Wreckers should be able to move vehicles from different situations, like a car stuck in a culvert or ditch. These trucks offer a wide variety of features that are designed to make the entire job of towing easier for the wrecker driver. The prospective customer should know everything about the features offered by the wreckers before purchasing one.

Efficient Power

Wreckers must have efficient horsepower engine because it is not easier to move the car without a powerful horsepower engine. Prospective customers should consider purchasing a truck that consumes very less fuel. An engine that offers the required horsepower for towing and provides a gas rating that is environmentally friendly. In addition to this, the truck should be able to tow more than 11,000 pounds.

The Durability of The Truck

A vehicle that is light duty is best suited for occasional towing. However, if an individual is planning to carry out a lot of long distance towing, it is better to buy a robust wrecker. Big wreckers might be a good option, but they come with their own set of disadvantages. The heavy-duty trucks might not be able to find the best parking space, consume a lot of fuel, and might need a high degree of maintenance.

Heavy-Duty Cooling

Systems of heavy duty provide a cooling mechanism for transmission oil, engine oil, and engine coolant. Since towing produces a lot of engine heat when vehicles are being towed to uphill places, a heavy-duty cooling system is required for the efficient maintenance of wreckers. Some heavy-duty cooling systems play a crucial role in keeping the level of the temperature low, which helps a great deal in preventing damage to the transmission or to the engine. There are few trucks that have their own internal systems that contain temperature gauges to regulate train fluids.

The Type of Fuel to Be Used in the Wreckers

If wreckers are available in the diesel type, then this type should be considered. This is because the diesel engines provide high torque output. Even though petrol engines do not provide the same level of torque output, petrol-based wreckers are less expensive when compared to diesel-based wreckers. One more fuel-type that is available in the market is the LPG. It is being widely used because it has a proven track record of reducing the overall costs related to fuel. So, you can discuss the same with the dealers and choose the best cost-effective wrecker according to your needs.

The Lift of The Wheel and The Integrated Boom

Wreckers that contain an integrated boom and a wheel lift which is best for taking over illegally parked vehicles or repossess vehicles that are illegal. Also, known as self-loaders, these trucks allow the truck driver to easily pick up and move forward without leaving the comfort of the driving truck. Both heavy-duty and light-duty wreckers provide the same facility, online the towing capacity is different.



All the points discussed above play a crucial role in the selection of the right kind of wrecker, especially the ones who want to start a towing truck business. So, go ahead and select your wrecker and always take suggestions from the dealers in this regard.


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