Importance of Roadworthy Certificate for Automobiles

When you say about roadworthiness, it means the running condition of the automobile. Every day many accidents occur due to the poor condition of the car. Roadworthiness makes sure the car is in good condition and meets all safety and transport standards. Every state issues certificate to the car owner for safety after an inspection of the vehicle. This certificate ensuring the roadworthiness is called roadworthy certificate.

Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy Certificate

About Certificate of Roadworthiness

  • A roadworthy certificate is issued by a local branch of transport authority. It is also offered to an automobile by a qualified vehicle tester after passing through their designated service station or garage. The certificate provided ensures that the vehicle is fit to run on the roads of the state.
  • The vehicle is registered in your name when you buy it. So, at the time of selling, there has to be a change in ownership which requires the vehicle to be registered on the car buyer’s name. You need the certificate of roadworthiness after a test at any private or public testing station before you register the vehicle in the buyer’s name. For heavy-load vehicle or public transport, you need to test vehicle for roadworthiness every 6-months to renew the license.
  • The certificate of roadworthiness that has been issued not before 30 days of any application for the registration or transfer is considered authentic and can last for 60 days.
  • If a vehicle fails in the test and a rejection report is issued, you will get 7 days to repair or replace the things rejected. Your car will be tested again for those rejected items and if 7 days time span gets elapsed, then a full inspection is done.

Advantages of Testing for Roadworthiness

There are numerous benefits of getting the roadworthiness certificate for your vehicle. Some of them are:

  • Become an owner: When you sell your car, you need to transfer the documents to different name. You can transfer the car to the seller soon, with a valid roadworthy certificate. If you are a buyer too, you can become an official owner of the car by ensuring you have the proof of roadworthiness. It will make the process of transfer easier and stress free.
  • Safety: It is not possible to run your vehicle on roads without registering. There are countries where the certificate of roadworthiness is mandatory before registering their vehicle. This certificate ensures the car will work smoothly after the inspections have been conducted by professionals. Technicians make proper examination before allowing the car to run on the streets. This reduces the number of road accidents making roads safer.
Roadworthy Certificate for Car

Roadworthy Certificate for Car

Inspections Include:

The roadworthiness covers inspections of important components of the car. Some of them are:

  • Examination of tyres for worn out threads, alignment of the wheels, shock absorbers, tyre pressure and also wheel bearing are done.
  • Checking of both the front and back brakes are done.
  • Making sure the engine and chassis numbers match the vehicle identification number on the vehicle registration certificate.
  • Inspection of the fuel tank and fuel cap is done.
  • Checking the electrical system of the car like the lights, indicators, battery, windscreen wipers and wiring etc.
  • The doors and windows of the car should open and close properly.
  • Ensuring that there is no rust on the parts of the car.

A roadworthiness certificate is given to vehicle when it is sold or used one at the time of registration. The main idea behind getting this certificate is to minimize the number of poorly serviced and maintained automobiles. The notice of unworthiness prevents the cars from running on the street. So, this certificate of roadworthiness in-turn protects the buyer and seller and also enhances the safety of the public from accidents on the roads from such poor performing vehicles.

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