Few Tips on Basic Glass Repair

A window glass can have different problems, like permanent fog or probably a crack. This is definitely troublesome for every homeowner, more so if you are facing adverse weather conditions. In case you are facing the rainy season, it is advisable to get this fixed immediately so that you are not loaded with any further work. You can opt for a professional at a later date but it is advisable to repair it to some extent immediately. Small tips and tricks tend to be helpful during this time. We list below a few tips to help you out with the different problems with the breaking of a window glass.

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Glass Repair

  • Stabilize the crack by putting masking tape on both the sides.
  • You can also clean the glass with nail polish remover and apply superglue. This can help in maintaining the crack.
  • Cover the glass with plastic or use the insulation kits that work well for temporary repair.
  • You need to put insulation between the panes in case you have storm windows. Bubble wrap can provide the required insulation.

Repairs for Different Types of Windows:

Wood Windows: For windows of wood you need putty for holding the glass in place. You will also require metal clips which need to be pushed into the wood after every 4 or 6 inches. Besides this, you require pliers with a long nose, 5 in 1 tool, knife, a hammer, a chisel, newspaper, safety glasses, a paintbrush, masking tape and a glass cutter. The old putty needs to be chiseled out after you have removed the broken glass. This putty can be softened with a heat gun or even linseed oil. The old glazier’s points need to be removed with the pliers. After cleaning, you need to sand the wood and apply a wood sealer.

A rope of putty needs to be applied around the opening. The pane needs to be placed and the excess putty removed. The glazier’s points need to be pushed into the frame. Once the putty has dried you need to paint it.

Vinyl or Metal Windows: Metal or vinyl windows have glass that is secured with spring clip made of metal, plastic or metal moldings and rubber seal. This type of window needs to be glazed by removing the parts retaining the glass. The old glass needs to be pulled out and the rightly sized new glass placed in. Finally, all that is required is replacing the parts that hold the glass.

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Glass Repair

Problems of Window Condensation: Due to the difference in temperatures, especially during wintertime, you find that the windows have condensation. These conditions can lead to mildew or mold. Windowsill and frames can rot. Increasing ventilation can reduce condensation. If this problem occurs in the kitchen or the bathroom, all you need to do is put on the fans.

But if it occurs between windowpanes of the thermal type, there is no way out. The glazing needs to be replaced. Thermal windows need to be bought only with a good warranty. Quality needs to be given a priority.

Scratches on Windows: A coat of nail polish can help to eliminate that scratch on your window. All you need to do is ensure that the excess is removed using a clean cloth. Another option that can be used is metal polish like Brasso.

If you are not too sure about the repair of glass it is best to opt for some well-reputed and experienced professionals. There is no way you can opt for the trial and error method even for the most minor repairs required in glasses.

Thus, a little bit of work and money spent goes a long way in saving these vintage window units.


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