Safety Tips for Using Timber Floor Polishing

When it comes to decorate or renovate a residential or commercial property, there is nothing better than the timber flooring that can add to the beauty of the place. Timber flooring is like wood flooring, but the only difference is that timber flooring is constructed using recycled wood products. This type of floor is desirable for the rustic appearance that is one of the reasons why timber floor is popular in Australia.

With so many types of flooring options available in the market, choosing the timber flooring is a great idea when building a new house as it offers considerable benefits. But when it comes to renovating a house where the timber floors are already installed, it is imperative to polish the floors even if you clean them regularly as periodic polishing is necessary to keep them looking their best for years to come.

Most Common Issues While Polishing Timber Floors in Older Premises

However, polishing the older timber floors cannot end up looking the same as a new one because existing timber floors can have several imperfections which can affect the overall look of the finished product. Below mentioned are some of the most common imperfections you may witness.

Floor Polishing

Floor Polishing

  • While polishing the floors, you may encounter stains of spills, accidents, and leaks.
  • You can find utility cuts around the boundary of rooms which are caused by carpet layers.
  • Damages on timber boards from borers or termites

Tips to Follow During Timber Floor Polishing

It is important to take personal safety precautions when using polishing the timber floors as the coatings used can create potentially toxic fumes which are harmful to health. The safety measures that one should take during polishing will vary on the various stages of the polishing process.

  • Use safety eyeglasses: Before you start timber floor polishing, it is imperative to clean your hardwood floor with rang mops in order to remove all the loose particles present on it. After this, your first task is to punch the nails and screws. Safety glasses are necessary as a small piece of steel from nail heads can become lodged in the eye and cause a serious injury or from the striking of the hammer to the punch head.
  • Dust fire hazard: Also, you need to take safety precautions while storing dust in plastic bags for disposal as metal dust may start smoldering. This is because most of the dust is collected by the drum machine, but fine particles of dust will be still airborne during the sanding process. So, during dust collection processed it may lead to the explosion. So, safety precaution must be taken into consideration.
  • Toxic chemical hazard: Coating formulations used for floors include both water and polyurethane coatings that are.  Having dangerous effects on your health, such as the respiratory system, eyes, and skin. However, you need to wear a respirator mask when applying these coatings. Also, these coatings are highly flammable, it is recommended to make sure that the evaporating vapors do not come in contact with any source of the fire.
  • Risk of electric injury: As all sanding and polishing machines are made of metal, it is advisable to make use of a safety box between the power outlet and the sanding machine at the wall. This way, you can prevent yourself from the risk of electric shock.
Timber Floor Polishing

Timber Floor Polishing

These are the four safety tips that you can follow to protect from these hazards. As you know that no other type of flooring provides the warmth, beauty, and value of wood than timber flooring, you should periodically opt for timber floor polishing to ensure a long life.


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