How to Design or Buy Perfect Timber Vanities for Home Improvement

Interior design is perhaps much more than just hiring the right interior decorators. Gone are the days when it was considered that interior decoration was just a grandiose manifestation for a certain expression and good taste in designing a space.  However, as years progressed and a lot of developments have brought out in the designing industry, people have started realizing the true importance of space. We live in a world dominated by vanity. Timber vanity in your kitchen and bathrooms provide a beautiful and desirable look to your home and space for storage. The article will tell you how to design or buy perfect timber vanity for better homes. 

timber vanity melbourne

Timber Vanity

Designing a Perfect Vanity

An exception vanity for your home requires careful planning and great creative sense. There are a plethora of decisions to be taken right from layout to the style to match your room style. When it comes to the washrooms, the layout you choose should correspond to the sinks and countertops. There are few things to be considered when determining the perfect timber vanity. 

  • Determining the layout – Before you come to a conclusion about the colors of the vanity, you should know where it is going to go and what is the size will you require for that place. Most homeowners generally prefer timber vanity for their kitchen and bathrooms to have long-lasting life for their cabinets. In addition, it also becomes easy for cleaning. The most preferred choices are horizontal vanities with one section of cabinetries in order to take advantage of larger storage.
  • Determine the number of sinks– Your vanity design doesn’t end with choosing the right layout rather you need to accommodate the number of sinks you want. When you have space restrictions, you cannot opt for double sinks instead of single sinks with 60 inches wide can be the right option for you. When you have only one sink, you can use the extra space for the countertops.
  • Choosing the style– When you are done with the above two techniques, the next step is to decide on the vanity design. There are plenty of modern timber vanity designs. Some of the most elegant designs are the
    1. Brass accents
    2. Large double vanity with individual mirrors
    3. Masculine vanity with sufficient storage
    4. A pairing of rustic and modern vanity 
    5. Elegant rectangular vanity
timber vanity

Timber Vanity

Buying the Best Bathroom Vanity

Buying vanities or cabinets for your bathroom is not as simple as you think. The timber vanity you choose can make or break the beauty of the house. Before beginning with your shopping, you must have a well-thought plan of your bathroom renovation. Also, you should have a clear vision, how your bathroom will look like after renovation. 

1. Quality of the vanity – The quality of the vanity has greater importance because you are going to invest so much time and money. It is the place where you do so many things like teaching your tiny toddlers how to brush, wash hands, the teenage son to shave and your daughter to have her makeup. Many of the timber vanities today comes with waterproof features, so they offer additional advantages of stain resistant and durability. 

2. Cabinet drawers – Well constructed cabinets with drawers offer easy and smooth usages and are quite suitable for every home. 


This vanity is great for storage and counter space without interfering with shower access. Indeed a wonderful accessory to your bathrooms. Take as much as time you want to design or buy the timber vanity but only get a perfect peace.


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