How to Choose the Right Fixed Roof Ladder Access for your Business?

Ladders provide a great solution when you need to climb something to fix it, be it a leaking pipeline or changing the bulb. The elevation and access achieved when using ladders, along with the stability, is great for most day to day simple tasks but the same use of these portable ladders will not be advised when working in a commercial setting. There, the solution is fixed roof ladder access for buildings where there is a year-round need to access the roofs. It is sensible too since it is not feasible to constantly put up the ladder and then retract it and then put it up again the next day, provided the ladder is still functional. These fixed ladders are rarely used for residential purposes but find heavy use in commercial industry.

Fix Access Ladder

Fix Access Ladder

How to Choose a Fixed Roof Ladder Access Suitable for You?

Businesses succeed when you put equal emphasis on maintenance and preventing future problems. You may be outstanding in communications and product delivery, but if you lack in the maintenance department, your business will face a downturn. The correct equipment and proper handling is what makes the work done faster and more effectively. Components like modular platforms or fixed roof ladder access defines your knowledge about your business. For example, if you need to access the roof or the ceiling every day, think theatre, then it is fruitless to invest in a modular platform and stairs. Similarly, if you install fixed roof ladder access for a climb that is barely 7 feet tall, it will just be a waste of resource especially if you need to access that part monthly.

So how do you choose the fixed roof ladder access that benefits you? take a look at the pointers below for insights:

  • The material must be strong to support at least two loads each having 250 pounds of weight; hence aluminum is best suited in this situation. Not only are they sturdy but also easy to maintain and are safer in terms of being rust- free and weather resistant.
  • The rung or the steps placement should not be more than 14 inches or less than 12 inches apart from each other. These rungs should have a strong grip and free from slips. The shape too must be such that it provides maximum safety when stepped on.
  • There should be at least 42 inches extra ladder extension between the lading and the platform.
  • If the fixed roof ladder access is more than 24 feet then these ladders should be equipped with fall arrest cages to prevent accidents due to missteps. Self-retracting harnesses are also a great option for fall arrest.
  • Slip-resistant side rails should be provided for better balance and grip. These rails also prevent accidents.
  • The mountings to secure the ladder to the wall must be attached for rigid carriers. These mountings will also house the safety harnesses.

While there is no need for any professional training while using the fixed roof ladder access, it should be noted that personal safety and carefulness should be maintained by the workers too in order to effectively finish the job. The need for the fixed ladder depends greatly on the amount of time it will be used and the loads that will be carried up via the ladder. Also, it must be noted that no matter how high-quality materials are used for the building and installing of the ladder, the routine inspection should be carried out to check and repair any damages.


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