All You Need to Know About Roadworthy Certificate

It is not uncommon to see used cars being sold or exchanged for new cars. Wondered what happens to these old used cars once they have been sold? Well the long story short, they are resold at a different market (also called the used car market) and now a new owner finds his new car. Cars at this market, no-doubt has a list of requirements to be in place before they are sold off to a new buyer. This would involve handing over the owner’s manual, maintenance schedule, certificate of registration and a roadworthy certificate.

Roadworthy Certificate Coburg

Roadworthy Certificate

In this article, we will focus on learning what a roadworthy certificate for a car encompasses and the need for such a certificate. A roadworthy certificate basically helps a buyer identify if the car is safe to drive, especially after its changed hands. The basis reason springs from safety concerns. If there is a proper method to inspect and check small aspects of safety features, this can avoid accidents from occurring in the immediate future or in the long term.

What is Roadworthy Certificate?

After the test conducted by a licensed professional to calibrate various components of the automobile to check if it is in good working conditions, one can receive the roadworthy certificate. It assures that the car can provide or offer a drive to its passengers complying with all safety measures of the state in which it may be registered. Post conducting all such validations and test the professional will issue a roadworthy certificate which is the symbol and assurance of safety to its owner.

Inspection of The Car

There are various check and balances for the completion of the roadworthy certificate. This includes,  checking of all four wheels of the car, checking the front and rear suspensions, the transmission, and the gearbox unit is tested, the steering wheel and the reaction time is tested, and then finally the windows, the chassis and the exterior framework of the car are put through an inspection. Once the checks and validations are completed, it may be that a pass or a fail for the safety of the car is certified.

Roadworthy Certificate Coburg

Roadworthy Certificate

How Long is This Certificate Current or Valid?

The standard time for a car to be considered as cleared from the roadworthy certificate is about 30 days, this may vary at times. The period is only an assumption that the vehicle after it has been cleared as safe to be sold is essentially not used till it has exchanged hands with the new buyer. There is no guarantee that post the certification the car it will continue to remain roadworthy and till what period.

How Much Would a Roadworthy Certificate Cost?

Generally, the cost for such a test may vary depending on the age of the car. The type and model of the car may also have a bearing on the cost of the roadworthy certificate. It may be advantageous for you to inquire or request a quote for your vehicle online before you head out to the center for certification.

What if Your Car does not Clear the Roadworthy Test?

This may happen on various grounds and although it is not very common for a relatively used car to fail a roadworthy test, you can work with your vehicle to get it cleared. You will receive a report on the car inspection and this should give you an idea of what needs to be replaced or repaired to get the car ready for another inspection. There is generally a 7-day period which is allotted to get the parts rechecked and then the car can be cleared if found ok as per the set rules. If the time has lapsed, then the full inspection would be required to be performed all over again post implementing the corrections.


All About Ford Ranger Service and Keeping Your Vehicle Fit

Ford is a trustworthy and popular name in the automobile industry. It has earned a good reputation and has been a trusted name in vehicles not only in the case of passenger vehicles but has made a mark for itself in the pick-up trucks that are manufactured and marketed by them.  The compact pick up trucks offered by them are called Ford Ranger and it is one of the best selling trucks from the time it was introduced to even today though with appropriate adaptations sometimes. Though the Ranger name has been used to represent three distinct model lines, since, 1983 it represents the compact pick up trucks and the model line that was sold globally by Ford.


Ford Ranger Service

Why Is It Important To Service Your Vehicle?

Servicing does not mean getting your car to the mechanic when there is a problem. It is a proactive way of maintaining your vehicle and ensuring that there is a reduced or nil chance for the breakdown. The ford ranger service helps you to ensure that the vehicle is in order even if you service the vehicle at irregular intervals and help your vehicle earn better value when you wish to sell it.

Types of Servicing

Having elaborated on the necessity of servicing, it is also important to let you know about the two types of ford ranger service.  This actually refers to where you are going to take your vehicle for servicing. You can get your ford ranger service at

  • Manufacturer authorized service center
  • Service center

Manufacturer Authorized Service Centre

Getting ford ranger service done at Manufacture authorized service center means that your vehicle will be given tender loving care as prescribed by the manufacturers, in the right way to ensure that the vehicle passes the safety, emissions, and roadworthiness the first time every time.

Service Center

Getting your Ford ranger serviced from any other service center is not one that has to be ruled out completely. but, it is better if you use them only in case of emergency as their services will  no way match the standards and quality of the service provided by the authorized service centers



Benefits That Accrue At Manufacturer Authorized Service Center

  • You can book your service online
  • You could book an MOT test and service together and avail additional savings over the standard prices
  • They offer tender loving care to the vehicle, in case you have a problem before the interim or full-service period is due
  •  They have designed car care packages that include oil change, oil filter replacement etc.
  • You have a range of affordable service packages that you could opt for based on your requirements in terms of the running of the vehicle.

Trained Technicians Handle Your Vehicle:

  • They use tires and spare parts that are obtained from genuine suppliers and ensure that the replacements have warranty cover.
  • They ensure that you would not have to take your vehicle to the service center for the same problem with which you approached them.
  • The service types that they offer include
  • Essential car care- It refers to oil and filter replacement
  • Interim service- service every 6 months or after the vehicle has run for 6,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • Manufacturer service- It refers to following the manufacturer specified schedule for the first year.
  • Other services- This includes aspects such as Radiator hose repair, car battery replacement, water pump replacement,  Brake shoe replacement, Gear oil replacement, Engine or transmission mount replacement, so on and so forth in an effective way.

Provide the best care for your Ford Ranger in a sure shot way in a cost-effective manner with the trusted service providers.

6 Essential Tips for The Maintenance of Forklift Wheels

Forklifts remain to be one of the most reliable and rugged heavy-duty vehicles that are meant for operating in tough conditions. Though they should be serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, there cannot a better substitute for proper care and maintenance. Further, it even optimizes it effectively and is beneficial for detecting and rectifying minor problems before they take the shape of a major issue. Forklift wheels are used in many industrial segments and you need to maintain these wheels to get better longevity. When you go to service the forklift wheels, you need to consider several factors like the age of these wheels, condition of its valve, post-service maintenance and total operation hours of these wheels.


Forklift Wheels

#1 Inspect the Wheels for Potential Faults

The first and perhaps the most important step towards the maintenance of forklift wheels are to examine them frequently. While doing this you should take an account of their present condition, age, hours of operation, service record, safety requirements, susceptibility to damage or wear along with the previous maintenance services that they have undergone.

#2 Check the Anti-Freeze & Oils

When you are planning to winterize the wheels then it is best to verify the anti-freeze of the forklift so that it remains free from the common issues that occur due to change in climate.

  • Check the radiators and look for leaks as this can affect the antifreeze reservoir. Due to frost and cool air flow, the lubrication becomes dry and it will make some obstructions during operation of the wheels.
  • So, in this case, you can apply for some lubrication to maintain the forklift wheels in a proper way.
  • Next, examine the levels of oil and change them periodically. You may need to change the oil of the forklift wheels because due to dryness, it will create some frictions and it will damage your forklift wheels permanently.
  • Oil replacement can enhance the performance of the forklift wheels and it will increase the longevity of the wheels.  Hence, it vital to change the oils including brake oil and engine oil at least once in every four months so as to keep the forklift-free from combustion issues and to improve its fuel economy.

#3 Never Wait to Fix the Brakes

If you keep on ignoring the symptoms (strange noise, difficulty to stop the car and pulling) of malfunctions in brake then this can affect the quality of wheels. For instance, if you hear a squeaky noise then this might be the brake pads dashing with the rotor and thus should be changed or repaired at once.


Forklift Wheels

#4 Prepare A Maintenance Schedule

Most of the people often complain that they remain so busy with the machine that they seldom find time for its maintenance. However, instead of that strategize a maintenance plan and follow that diligently. For this, you can devote those days when the workload is relatively less so that you can spend your time taking care of the different components of the forklift.

#5 Recycle the Parts to Handle Them

Recycling the wheels and its supportive components is not only an affordable way to reuse them but it’s eco-friendly as well. So, when you are planning to replace any recyclable part of the wheel then instead of purchasing a new one just recycles the existing part and see the difference that it can create.

#6 Maximize the Warranty on Wheels

Maximizing warranty is one of the finest things to do with the help of forklift wheels suppliers. Such companies collaborate with certified organizations so as to extend the warranty period, ensuring that you can use the vehicle with a peace of mind.

 So now you can hire some forklift wheel maintenance services for maintaining the wheels in a proper way.

Car Servicing and Its Importance

Car servicing is done to ensure that your car performs well as it should. Regular and timely maintenance is something that you can also do to keep your car in good condition at all times. There are many car repair service centers that have a team of car service providers who are capable of dealing with any car model. People who believe that taking care of car is important usually get their cars serviced at a set time interval, or after the car has covered a certain distance. The distance at which the car will be taken in for car service is pre-decided in the car service contract. The service entry in the service book is then rubber-stamped by the car service provider.


Car Service

The Ideal Service Schedule

The perfect service schedule for any car is decided based on a few important factors. These factors include:

  • The total distance that a car has covered.
  • Climatic conditions
  • Dusty roads, iced roads, and mountain drives
  • Long distance traveling by car versus constant or stop travel
  • Towing other heavy cars

Importance of Car Servicing

If you are wondering why car servicing plays such an important role, there are multiple reasons for this.


Mechanic Wantirna

These Reasons Include:

  • Safety – One major reason why car servicing is absolutely necessary is the safety of the driver and passenger. Any car owner who regularly gets his car serviced will be able to identify potential car problems, which if left unresolved can be life-threatening and cause accidents. Persistent usage of the car causes a lot of wear and tear in the engine and other parts of the car. Spotting any potential problems beforehand is essential for the safety of the driver and the co-passengers.
  • Saves Your Hard Earned Money – Another reason why car service is essential is that getting your car serviced on a timely and regular basis can help you save on future repairing costs. Identifying a car problem at the early stage can help you save a lot of money. If you do not get your car serviced and wait until it breaks down to get it repaired, the repair costs incurred may end up costing you an arm and a leg.
  • Long Life Span – Another reason why getting a car serviced is that it can help increase the longevity of the car. Regular servicing of the car keeps it healthy and last for years.
  • Helps You Get A Better Price When Selling – When you are planning to sell your car, a prospective buyer would like to see evidence of regular servicing of the car. Evidence of regular car services can help you get a better price for your car when you are selling it in the second-hand market.

Car Service

Some Important Things That Are Checked When the Car Is Being Serviced

Some important and common maintenance tasks that are usually carried out when a car is getting serviced include:

  • Changing the engine oil and replacing car’s oil and air filters
  • Checking the breaks and the brake pads
  • Engine tuning
  • Checking the spark plugs and replacing them if needed
  • Checking the functionality of the wipers, lights and other accessories
  • Cleaning and washing the car from inside out
  • Checking the overall condition of the tires of the car

Getting your car servicing is very important if you want to have a smooth ride and want to make sure that it performs well on the road and keep driver and co-passenger absolutely safe. So, make sure that your service your car on a timely basis.

Tips for Choosing an Auto Mechanic

Owning a car is accompanied by the need for an auto mechanic. Repairing a car on your own can lead to major damage, which in turn, leads to big tie expenses. Auto mechanics are specialized and qualified in handling the different car and thus, can repair these in the right manner. Replacement parts, if required, are genuine.

auto mechanic croydon

Auto Mechanic

Reasons for Opting for Auto Mechanic:

As mentioned, a car comes with own set of problems off and on. Leaving the handling to a specialist works well in the long run.

  1. Well reputed auto mechanics have the required equipment for any sort of repair, be it big or small. The replacement parts are authentic and this is definitely beneficial to the working of a car.
  2. Diagnosing a problem with the car is easy for these auto mechanics as they are qualified to do so and have the required knowledge.
  3. A well-reputed auto mechanic ensures your car is provided with quality service without wasting any time. This might not be so with just any mechanic opted for.
  4. Right from small mechanical faults to larger electrical components, the car mechanics go through all the faulty parts and repair them to allow the best on-road efficiency of the car.

How to Find an Auto Mechanic:

How you choose an auto mechanic will determine the type of service you are offered. It is thus important to give this search enough and more time so that you can enjoy the fruits of this search for a long period of time. Listed below are few tips which can help you in choosing an auto mechanic.

  • Identifying your needs can help you make the right choice for an auto mechanic. This profession involves multiple specializations and finding out which requirement is important helps you choose a mechanic. In case you can look after the basic maintenance of a car, you can hand over your car to any reputed and experienced auto mechanic for the other repairs.
mechanic for auto

Auto Mechanic

Go Through Suitable References and Then Hire a Mechanic Accordingly: 

  • Asking friends and family you get a clear picture of which mechanic can help you with your requirements. You also have the choice of conducting an online search for a mechanic as there are multiple listed here. You need to spend some time in comparing the services and also going through the reviews and ratings to get a clear picture of the auto mechanic listed. However, it is mandatory to go through genuine reviews and then only you can get the best mechanic for your car.
  • Narrowing down your search, you need to consider the certification of the mechanic. This ensures that the mechanic shop makes use of the highest standards when repairing a vehicle. This is, however, not the case with local mechanics.
  • Experience is another factor which needs to be considered. An experienced auto mechanic does not waste time in diagnosing a problem and can complete the repair work in no time. They use the latest technology along with the latest equipment for the required repairs.
  • Ensure that the chosen auto mechanic provides you with some sort of guarantee or warranty not only on the replacement parts but also the service. Branded cars and their spare parts cost more, and if you need to repair and replace any spare part, you need to hire a certified mechanic. In this connection, it will not be wise to bargain and just go for the price that they ask.

Following the above-mentioned tips can help you in making the right choice of an auto mechanic. This, in turn, helps your vehicle last for a long period of time and performs to its best.

Guide to Choose the Right Mobile Auto Electrician

Investing in a vehicle is quite a pressure because you do such investment keeping in mind that it is will be in proper, usable condition for a long period of time. Thus, it may not be a one-time investment, but it definitely is a crucial one. Thus, for maintaining and ensuring the same, you have to choose a perfectly experienced mobile auto electrician. When it comes to choosing some professional to take care of your belongings, then those decisions should not be taken lightly. After all, this concerns the protection and maintenance of your significant investment, and you would only want to hire some well-qualified professionals to do the required job. They help in keeping your vehicle safe and sound and try to make it function properly as long as it is possible.

mobile auto electricians

Mobile Auto Electricians

The types of vehicles which were manufactured a few years back are a lot different from the types of vehicles produced today. They have high tech technology, some new featured parts and what not and all of this requires special assistance, so that can be maintained properly in order to function properly. For such technically upgraded vehicles, you should allow or consider only certified and experienced mobile auto electricians because only they will be able to analyze and diagnose the problems with your vehicle and fix them in no time.

Tips you May Consider Before Choosing the Best Mobile Auto Electrician: 

#1 Experience and Skills

A competent and skilled mobile auto electrician would know to repair all kind of vehicles or cars, whether it is a vintage or the latest high-tech car. Before choosing the electrician to fix your vehicle, you may check for his accomplishments, experiences, and areas of expertise. After all, he should be aware of the task he is doing and must have taken care of such issues before.

#2 Use of Proper Equipment

The mobile auto electricians are supposed to be well-equipped and should know how to use all kind of tools properly. This shows that they are aware of the tools required for the problems and how to tackle such situations. With the right tools, any experienced electrician will help you to solve the issues with your vehicle in the blink of an eye.

mobile auto electrician

Mobile Auto Electrician

#3 Worth the Time and Price

It is very important to know the rates of the services that you avail from the mobile auto electricians. You need to be firm on your budget and negotiate the rates of the services if needed. However, if the electrician himself offers you a rate which is priced much lower than what you expected, then you should doubt his experience and skills. There is no such mobile auto electrician who would not value his service or might not be aware of the required rate for the service they provide. Thus, you should be aware of the rates of the services you ask for. You may also consult some friends or relatives who might help you get some discounts and offers.

#4 Customer Service

Even after proper research or investigation, you might not get the required services for the problems you are facing. It happens a lot of times that even with a whole lot of experience, the mobile auto electrician may be unfit for the task. That is why you can always ask for a second person to help. Communication should be clear and the company should be aware that the electrician was unable to complete the task so that the company can help with somebody who can assist you with your needs.

Things to Do Before You Leave the Service Centre with Your Car

Cars have become an integral part of our lives nowadays. Cars have made the world a bit smaller. We all care for our cars and ensure that we follow the servicing schedule diligently. But sometimes, some cars tend to break down frequently even after regular servicing. This may be due to several reasons. But the most probable one is that the car has not been properly serviced. The mechanics are known to cut corners and at times they miss out on some services in a hurry to deliver the car on time. That is why we need to ensure that all the services have been done properly when we collect the car from the car service centre. There is a long list of things to inspect after you collect the car from the service centre. Here, I give you a checklist that tells you everything that you need to inspect before you take your car home.

Car Service Bella Vista

Select Car Service Centre Wisely

#1 Check the Job Sheet:

There is always a job sheet enlisting all the jobs that have been performed on the car. Make sure you get the job sheet totally with the bill that you have received. The job sheet is made when you book your car for servicing after you enlist the problems you are facing. That is why it is necessary to ensure that everything mentioned on the job sheet is done.

#2 Get a Test Drive with One of The Car Service staff members:

I would lay more stress on a staff member of the car service centre to be present while you test the car performance. Also, when you are facing certain problems in your car and you need repairs, you need to be sure that the repairs have been done satisfactorily by the service centre. That is why you need to test the car before paying the bill. If there are some problems while driving, the crew member will understand the fault easily.

#3 Get a Detailed Bill:

This is essential to ensure that you are not being duped. A detailed bill is a proof that you are paying only for the services that you have received. As you have already checked the job sheet, you know what all services have been performed on your car. Also, when you get car parts replaced, ensure that you get the old parts returned to you. This is a confirmation that your car has got the new parts it needs.

#4 Check Engine Oil and Transmission Oil:

If the bill says that the engine oil and transmission oil has been replaced, ensure that you manually check the engine oil and the transmission oil. You can easily tell whether the oil has been replaced or not by observing the color. Newly replaced oil should look a light shade of brown, closer to golden yellow. In case of changing the coolant and the brake fluid, insist that it is done in your presence.

#5 Check the Fuel Level:

It is common practice to check the fuel level after receiving the car back from the service centre to ensure that the fuel has not been misused by the staff. Sometimes, mechanics use the car submitted for services for their personal use or use the car air conditioners for relaxing. This would be apparent from the reduction in the fuel level in the car fuel tank. So, you should make sure that you check if your car has been misused or not.

Car Service Centre

Check all Points Related to Car Service

Reliable car service professionals are so good with their services that they would not give you any reason to complain after you are done with all the above checks. When this happens, you can choose that service centre as your go-to place for getting car services and repairs.