Few Applications Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

A CNC plasma cutting machine is widely used and its applications are highly in demand in the metal industry, as this is always better in terms of efficiency and speed as compared to a manual cutter. Such plasma cutters are having their own technique to cut the metal sheets into thin slices so that the cutting is accurate and it consumes lesser time, as well.

These cutters are having the plethora of usages in the industrial arena. Mostly, being used for cutting plates of metal or metal bolts and pipes, the main advantage is the speed of using the machine. The metal sheets are cut into slices or pieces of the desired shape in almost no time that makes the entire process speedy and accurate enough.

cnc plasma cutting machine

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The basic mechanism used by the CNC plasma cutting machine is the jet of hot plasma that cuts through the hard metal surface. If we talk about applications of this mechanism and the machine, the basic purposes are to cut through brass, steel, stainless steel, copper surface, so on and so forth. The applications are way more advanced than that of a handheld metal cutter owing to the hot jet of plasma that can be automatically controlled rather electronically controlled to cut off a harder surface area.

Mechanism Behind CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Electrically ionized gas is used so that it can chemically cut off through the hard metal surface
  • A complete electrical circuit is formed when the plasma passes
  • The plasma chemically interacts with the metal and melts it off rather cutting it off

Much handheld metal cutter faces hindrances when the surface is curved that has to be cut off but this electronically charged jet of ionized hot plasma used by the CNC plasma cutting machine can easily cut through curved metal surfaces or bent areas or might be metal surfaces at angles.

cnc cutting machine

CNC Cutting Machine

Key Aspects Of A CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The basic advantage of using a CNC plasma cutting machine is that it always gives a clean finish and sharp cuts, as the mechanism automates upon the computer control protocols that are provided. Another major application and its perk are felt in the HVAC industry that is heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling industry. As the name suggests, electric heating machines, domestic or commercial heaters installed are made out of sharply cut metal parts, also coolers, air conditioning machines so on and so forth are manufactured in this very manner.

The need of sharp edges and cuts, bent angles at accurate positions, calculated and measured cuts are felt in the industry that produces ventilation ducts for interior spaces be it commercial or industrial space or be it any residential area. Here is where the CNC plasma cutting machine is used often to provide accuracy and desired results.

A CNC plasma cutting machine is often used in metal removing industries, as the metal is to be removed from the raw material or in the crude form. Also, welding of metals, giving the metal a proper contour, fabrication of metals, shearing, and punching are some of the applications of this machine. The mechanism being electronically controlled, calculated, thus proper shapes and sizes can be cut out.

Making of accurate machine parts or contouring, a shape is one of the basic applications of this machine. This mechanism of the hot jet of plasma is applied in wood industries to engrave or carve out something intricate enough that can be electronically done. Also, for lettering and engraving, the machine is used in the industrial arena. These were some of the applications, which are mainly done with a CNC plasma cutting machine.


Tips To Choosing The Best Laser Cutting Machine And The Benefits Of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machines are the machines that make use of laser rays to cut materials like wood, metals, textiles, and acrylic. If you want to cut different sorts of metals like steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, you may do it easily. Since the results are precise and accurate, the mode of cutting is very much accurate. As the kerf width is really small, you are sure to get precise and accurate results. Having a small zone for heat effect, there is no melting, cracking or warping of metals. It is unbelievable how the ray of strong light can cut through metals and different materials. The beam of light may also cut through glass material. But, it uses the concentrated laser beam to cut through various materials.

laser cutting melbourne

Laser Cutting

As the name suggests, laser cutting is the technique of cutting different materials with the use of concentrated laser rays. The exact spot that needs to be cut is actually heated and then the cutting is done in the process. It uses the highly powerful laser beam and the computer machine. The computer directs the laser beam to the exact spot where cutting is to take place. The material to be cut is melted, vaporized or is burned across the predetermined line. So, the cutting takes place as per the need. The main task of the machine is concentrating laser beam into well defined and that small spot to initiate cutting process. To choose the best laser cutting machine you need to follow some tips.

What Is The Function?

The choice of the laser cutting machine has to be done in accordance with its usage and application. This is the powerful machine which may be used for two applications mainly, namely, engraving and cutting. This machine may be used to cut various materials and is not restricted to be used on metals. As per the material you want to cut, you can buy the machine.

What Is The Bed Size Of The Machine?

It is the bed size of the laser machine which actually determines the level of work you may do. Buy the one with big bed size so that you can carry out more cutting. As the bed size is permanent, you have to be careful when choosing the bed size. It may be from A1 to A3 sizes and choices can be made as per the application.

laser cutting service

Laser Cutting Service

The Importance Of Optic Quality

To ensure that the machine performs in the finest way, be choosy about the optic quality. It is indeed the optic quality which determines the performance of the machine. Solely wattage does not determine how the machine performs. The quality of optic matters a lot.

How Easy Is It  To Use?

If you are availing laser cutting machine for the first time, you may not know the ways of using it. Have a look at the instruction manual before making any choice. The machine must be easy to use and operate. It should also be easy to repair or troubleshoot.

The Machine Is Versatile And Suitable For Various Cutting Operations

The best part about laser cutting is that only a small region of the material is heated in the process. So, there is no chance of material getting warped or cracked. In the conventional cutting processes, too much heat was generated which almost damaged the material to be cut. With laser machine, you will not face any such problem. Use the machine to cut materials like plastic, metals, rubber, etc.

The efficiency of laser machine is much higher. Now this machine is very important part of the manufacturing sector. Its main purpose is to redirect power output or gleam to the exact spot of cutting.