Flexible Financing Provided By Scania Finance

Scania finance is a global company that provides tailor-made finance and insurance solutions for your business. You are the only person who knows the nature of your business well and you need to secure your business with an insurance policy can be observed only by you. Apart from that, even you may need some financial help for your business growth. All you need is to contact the Scania finance. The company has experts who are specialized in various niches, such as insurance, finance, business finance, personal finance and a lot more.

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Scania Finance

Different Plans Offered By Scania Finance:

  1. Chattel mortgage: With the chattel mortgage, customers can take the ownership of the fleet or vehicle at the time of purchase. Scania finance will provide you the funds for purchasing the vehicle, and you need to mortgage a few of your assets to avail this finance. This is a secure loan and once the loan contract is completed, and you have made all payments, Scania finance will give you the no-objection certificate along with your original mortgage papers. Apart from that, the company will tailor your monthly installments according to your preference and you can also make a part-payment to reduce your EMI amount.
  2. Hire purchase: Today, you can also purchase a vehicle without any funds and you can start your own business with these fleets. Scania finance provides you adequate funds for purchasing your business fleets and makes a hire-contract with you. You can use the fleets for a stipulated timeframe (36-60months) and pay the EMI to the company.
  3. Finance lease: With the finance lease, you can use the vehicle on the rental basis. The company will own the vehicle and give you the vehicle on the rental agreement. If you pay the rent along with the EMI within the stipulated lease period (36 to 60 months) then the company will transfer the ownership of the vehicle at the end of the lease period. The agreement is made between the Scania finance and you, and the residual value will be included in the agreement. Similarly, you can also opt for the operating lease contract provided by the finance company and with this contract, you need to pay less residual value along with the monthly interest to the company.
  4. Contract hire: If you want to use the vehicle for a few years then you can go for the contract hire provided by scania finance. With this contract, the company will purchase the vehicle, and you can use the fleets for your business for a few years (36 months to 60 months). You do not need to maintain and repair the vehicle, and company will take all the responsibility of the vehicle.  At the end of the contract, you must return the vehicle to the company and you will get the return or you have to pay your outstanding balance to own the vehicle.
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Finance for Scania

What Are The Advantages Of Scania Finance?

Scania finance offers ample benefits to their customers and you do not need to use your working business capital to expand your business. You can easily take the loan from Scania finance and preserve your working capital for your business emergency. Apart from that, you will get the following benefits:

  • Fixed payment and interest rates for term loans.
  • In most of the cases, you need to pay one month EMI as an advance.
  • Flexible EMI options are provided by the company, while tailor-made monthly interest shall be calculated as per your preference.
  • 100% finance including GST will be provided at the less monthly interest rate.
  • Seasonal payment plans available and you can make the part payment to reduce the monthly EMI.
  • GST return and tax deduction applicable.

So contact the scania finance today, and they can help you in all possible ways. To know more, you can contact them through their official website.