Do’s and & Don’ts of Wedding Guest Dresses

If you have been invited to a wedding party of close kin, you already know that the bride is going to look like a princess just out of a fantasy novel. You have a brain-fade all the same when you try to decide what to wear because all of us go through from the customary ‘I have nothing to wear the phrase’. Meanwhile selecting your wedding guest dresses, you have to make sure that you don’t go overboard with it. You are ought to choose the dress in subtle color and pattern to look classy and unpretentious. Here we have laid down some basic principles to select a proper wedding guest dress:


Wedding Guest Dresses

Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Guest Dresses:

  1. Stick to the dress code: Most of the weddings are themed nowadays, people will pre-inform you about the wedding dress code, so you can opt for a color which is mentioned in the invite.
  2. Skip white, cream and ivory: You don’t have to stick to the mundane look of the dress by choosing same old shades like white, ivory or cream. Experiment with colors like blues, yellow and pink, these help in creating a ravishing look and blend perfectly well with the high spirits of marriage.
  3. Wear a dress as per location: Yes, the wedding location also plays a key role in choosing wedding guest dresses. For example, if the wedding is a place which has high humidity, sticking to layers and covering up too much may leave you exhausted. Try to choose dresses which are stylish and at the same time keeps you comfortable while you enjoy the merriments.
  4. A strict no-no to jeans: Wedding is a casual affair which obviously doesn’t mean you will have the liberty to walk down in your jeans. Well, no one will put a gun on your forehead otherwise, but you will stick out like a sore thumb that is for sure.  Need we say more?
  5. Stay away from crazy prints: While choosing wedding guest dresses, you must know that you are the guest and must choose prints and shades which are subtler than the bride and the groom. Choosing flashy and crazy prints might get you the wrong kind of attention. Stay miles away from sequins and animal prints in case you are attending a wedding party.
  6. Stay away from black: It might have come as a heartbreak but black is not always beautiful, you must know this especially when you are attending a wedding. It’s a day of celebration, so you might just want to pep it up with colors like pink, red, blue and yellows. This will brighten up your mood and will also make you look vibrant and pristine. Black is also the color of gloom so it will be insensitive on your part too if you wear this color in a joyous celebration.
  7. Comfortable shoes: If you really don’t want to end up soaking your legs in a bathtub of hot water and cranking with pain, it’s always good to wear comfortable shoes which will match your outfit and at the same time won’t leave you uncomfortable. There are various options like pumps, platform heels, wedges, and others. Just match them with your outfit, and you can easily create a chic look for the wedding. You may have to stand for hours at a stretch while you socialize at a wedding and wearing pretentious high heels will be hurtful to your ankles.
  8. Ask what your friends are wearing: If you don’t want to end up dressing as same as your friend, it is always good to ask them what they are wearing before you go ahead.


With these dos and don’ts list, you will be able to create a picture-perfect look for yourself. Remember, dressing up for a wedding can be a daunting task, It is a tight rope walk between subtlety and extravagance. Overdressing is criminal so steer clear of anything that is remotely flashy. Choose the most sophisticated patterns, fabric, and style to grab eyeballs.


How to Choose Plus Size Formal Dresses for A Corporate or Official Event?

It does not matter whether you are extremely thin of slightly plump. Now, you can choose plus size formal dresses from a number of different online portals. You can wear dresses on formal occasions, like parties, official and corporate events and when you are about to attend a business meeting. Earlier, plus size formal dresses were hard to find, but now they can be customized, and readymade tailored suits, gowns, skirts, blouses, and A-line full-length dresses are easily available.

Plus Size Formal Dresses

Plus Size Formal Dresses

You can choose your favorite color from the palette, styles, pattern, and designs to dress up accordingly. With the advancement of sewing and stitching technology, high-quality customization and color options along with the affordable process, you can now buy the dresses at your own disposal. The best part is that you can experiment now with multiple new designs that go well with your body type.

Get the Best Plus Size Dresses Dropped at Your Doorstep With Just a Few Clicks: 

Buying plus size formal dresses from online portals are really easy. You get many advantages like easy return policies, hassle-free payment options, size, colors, design and the dresses that you need for any formal occasion, are dropped at your doorstep:

  • The cut, color, stitching pattern, and the length of the hem and the cuffs can be customized and ordered accordingly to the company that you choose. Any reputed company will give you return policies or replacement in case there is any problem with the size or fitting.
  • Jackets, sashes, belles, shoes, other accessories, and jewelry are some of the items that you can choose to match with your formal plus size dresses. With high-quality product page, rate and order, you can choose blouses, gowns, and plus size long skirts to make up for your corporate party.
  • It all depends on how you choose a partywear for any event. In case, you are a plus size female, you can choose black, brown, maroon and coffee color to match to the other parts of your dress. For instance, a coffee colored hat, a cap or a small brooch can be the best accessory that works with western formal attire.
  • You can contact with an online dress and fashion specialist to get your ideas about what to wear on the formal occasion that you are going to attend. It can be regarding coordination, or else, regarding a choice of style and cutting of the dress.
  • Softer colors and neutral or beige colors are also good if you have a plus size figure. Special attention should be given to the size chart in the hip and chest areas. You can take measurements as per the size chart.
Plus Size Formal Dresses

Plus Size Formal Dresses

Plus Size Formal Dresses Make You Look Elegant and Chic: 

If you wear the right size and color of plus size formal dresses, they will make you look chic and elegant. You can experiment with long flowing dress types, maxi dresses to ankle length, or long flowing gowns that look formal, and yet, are of the plus size to hide that extra flab and fat layers around your belly. In addition to that, frills, networks, artworks, fabric combinations can be customized to make you look gorgeous in a formal dress. You can surely experiment with the plus size off-shoulder formal dresses only if you have a formal party after an event.

Depending on what type of occasion you have, you can choose varieties of plus size formal dresses from a local retail store also. There are clearance sales, closeouts, and also Black Friday sales when you can buy high-quality dresses at the affordable price range.