Learn How to Fix and Avoid Common Types of Sewer Blocks

When the topic of sewer blocks come up, people usually think about a troublesome sink. Solving a problem related to sink is easy. However, sewer blocks are related to problems in the plumbing system. These problems are challenging, which require implementation of heavy architectural changes.

Cause of A Standard Blocked Sewer

It is a known fact that misused drains tend to block. This block can result in the accumulation of sewage that is unpleasant. Wide varieties of items have the potential to create blocks. These items include trash, cooking grease, and baby napkins.

How to Fix a Standard Blocked Sewer

  • The first step is to identify the location of the clog. If the sewage is flowing back from one kind of drain, then the block is the result of one pipe. If there is sewage backflow from multiple drains, then there is a problem with the house’s primary drain.
  • When encountered with a sewer block, the house owner should not panic. Besides, the house owner should not use cheap drain cleaners to clear the block. These drain cleaners can cause harm to the pipes.  A plunger can be used to clean the block. If none of this works, then the house owner should call an expert to solve the issue.
Blocked Sewer Melbourne

Blocked Sewer

How Can a Regular Household Avoid a Standard Sewer Block?

Members of the household should be very careful with what they are flushing down the toilet or drain to avoid any kind of drain to block the sewer.

A Sewer Block Due to A Tree Root

Trees may look peaceful, but their roots are extremely powerful. Often, these strong roots can penetrate and get into the pipes that are located outside the house. This causes inefficiencies in the sewage system and creates blockage for the free flow of wastage. Sometimes, the roots can completely wrap themselves around the pipes and completely crush the pipes, as well.

Blocked Sewer

Blocked Sewer

How to Fix a Block Due to A Tree Root?

Once you notice the block, the household should stop using the drainage linked to the sewer. If it is used further, the block might worsen. The best option to fix it is to call an expert as soon as possible.

How Can a Regular Household Avoid a Block Caused by Tree Roots?

Every homeowner should be sensitive to the dangers of trees in his/her property. In addition, do not plant deep-rooted trees in areas close to the pipeline.

A Blocked Sewer Due to A Collapsed Pipe?

As sewer pipes grow old, their tensile strength decreases. In the passage of time, this decrease in tensile strength causes the pipes to collapse inward. This occurs specifically in pipes that are not built with the latest techniques and materials. Pipe made up of clay and cast iron can corrode easily and show wear due to extensive use.

Blocked Sewer

Blocked Sewer

How to Fix a Blocked Sewer Due to A Collapsed Pipe?

Since replacing collapsed pipes requires specialized equipment and skills, it is always better to call the professionals right away when the house owner suspects that a pipe has collapsed.

How Can a Regular Household Avoid a Block Caused by A Collapsed Pipe?

These blocks can be foreseen and can be avoided by getting the drainage lines fitted with new pipes. This should be strictly followed for properties that are way too old.

Overall, preventive maintenance is the best-suited option to avoid the blocked sewer. The sewers can be cleaned regularly on a monthly basis in order to ensure that there are no blocked sewers.