All You Want to Know About Fireplaces

A fireplace not only adds extra charm to your home but it also serves a cost-effective way of keeping your home warm during winters. Fireplace is the heart of a home for some people because the place where it is installed is usually in their living room and placed centrally. Whether you use a traditional wood burning fireplace or an eco-friendly one, fireplaces greatly enhance the overall look and appeal of your home.

Modern and traditional choice

Fireplaces have become one of the favorite amenities for modern day home. These are mostly seen all around the United States because of the cold winters and snowfalls which the country experiences in the month of December. Fireplaces create a mood and bring ambiance to any room. For most American’s a home is not complete if these do not have the fireplace installed because they enhance the look and get added functionality to the whole setup.



An indoor fireplace is a good investment as it offers a great deal of warmth and it can greatly reduce your energy bills as all it needs is a little bit of kindling and wood. For a lot of people, Fireplaces act as a favorite piece of décor along with being the main focal point for your room. You can also decorate the mantels during the holiday season and get a wonderful feel to the whole setup.

There are different types of fireplaces which home buyers can choose from. And it all depends on the buyer’s taste and style whether is he looking for something more traditional or something which is more modern.

  • Among the most popular one are the Wood burning fireplaces which are also known as masonry fireplaces that are seen in the vintage houses, most part of the United States and also in movies too.
  • Wood fireplace requires storing logs and fuelled by logs of wood to keep the fireplace burning through the night. Their structure mostly consists of bricks and stones which give them the traditional look.
  • They have a main burning area in the center with vent and chimney.
  • The air is warmed up because of the heat produced by the burning wood.
  • Before installing them one must strategically reserve a place in their blueprint because it needs major construction work.
  • However, there is also a growing concern of this natural resource getting depleted.

Gas fireplaces 

Another type of fireplace that is commonly seen gas is the gas fireplaces.

  • They comparatively provide more heat than the wood ones. Direct vent gas units are good heating sources.
  • Gas fireplaces run on the natural gas and are constructed much like the traditional wood burning fireplaces which are supported by a firebox that vents out through the chimney.
  • There are two types of gas fireplaces one being the direct vent fireplace and the other is called as a vent less fireplace.


Electric fireplaces 

The third type of fireplace is known as electric fireplaces, they are very to install into your living space all you ever require is to follow the installation manual correctly and plug it in the outlet.

  • You get a lot of designs and style options to greatly improve the overall look and feel of your house.
  • They are the modern day’s fireplaces and use the electricity efficiently. The main advantage of having this fireplace is that that are portable, which means no major construction work and no need for regular cleaning jobs like the wood and gas fireplace requires.

Fireplaces have been with us from many years. Not much has changed apart from the different ways of keeping your house warm and the utility that fireplace offers. So, make sure that you go for the option that is best suited for your setup.