Keep Your Home Protected With Fly Screen Sliding Doors

There are so many variations available when it comes to security doors. Those days are history when the doors were made out of wooden panels and had simple carvings on top as designs. Now, just like taking a quick look at the designs, people are watching out for security measures too. That might be the reason for them to rely on an extra door, other than the main wooden or aluminum door. Well, nowadays, more people are into buying fly screen sliding doors, designed as per the client’s requirements. These sliding doors are just perfect and come handy with a fly screen for that extra protection. You have a protective layer, which is see-through and would help people to check out for the people before opening the main door.

fly screen sliding doors melbourne

Fly Screen Sliding Doors

Reasons To Go For Fly Screen Sliding Doors

Now, you might be wondering for the reasons to choose a fly screen sliding doors for your use. These doors are a bit expensive, but worth every single penny invested. You can always look for the best help in this regard. These doors are extremely durable and will last for ages without much maintenance from your side. But before you jump right into investing money in any of these items, it is time to learn the reasons behind its growing popularity. Some of the major ones are currently listed for your reference.

#1 Get Hold Of Fresh Air:

During the hot and sultry summer months, you need fresh air to circulate through your rooms and living room space. Well, opening your main door wide is not a clever idea as that can easily degrade the security level you have been maintaining so far. That’s when you need these fly screen doors for you. So, right now, you can open the main wooden door and leave the fly screen door closed. The gaps will help fresh air to enter your place, minus the dust, dirt, insects, and flies. This door will keep outsiders at bay too and won’t let them enter your place without your permission.

#2 Get To Save Energy:

Fresh evening breeze helps in cooling down the temperature of your place. So, you don’t have to switch to AC unit all the time. That’s why you need these fly screen sliding doors for your use. As you can open the main door with this door still locked, you can let the soothing evening breeze enter your place and keep it cool. So, you don’t have to use AC more often and that will help you to save some energy and money on electricity bills, as well.

#3 Keep Children Safe:

Little kids are quite energetic and they don’t’ always feel like sitting in their rooms. They want to see the outside world and that forces them to leave their rooms more often. If you have these fly screen sliding doors by your side, then you can let the children see the outside world without literally making them move out of their house. The transparent look of the door will give them the opportunity to see what is going on outside and stay safe from outsiders and insects at the same time.

fly screen sliding doors

Fly Screen Sliding Doors

Choose The Right One!

Always make sure to measure the place before you choose fly screen sliding doors. After procuring the right measurement, it is time for you to select the proper style. You can even ask the experts to help you with the best style, which will match the décor of your place and outside view. After that, all you have to do is just log online and place your order. Your ordered sliding fly screen door will reach your address in no time.


Factors That Play a Role in Selecting the Sliding Doors

The concept of screens has evolved from the traditional screens made of wood or fabric that was earlier used. In addition, the modification of the textile has played a key role in this evolution. In the same way, fly screens for sliding doors are a sensible option. They provide you with privacy and ensure that you can see through them, allowing passage of air and ventilation.

Some of the factors that influence the purchase decision include your budget in the selection of fly screens for sliding doors – A fly curtain usually cost a lot less, but chances are that it will quickly wear out and add the feeling in insecurity. A better, durable option is to purchase a fly screen for sliding doors that can be installed by the users themselves. The cost is a little high, but they have many advantages. Other aspects to consider here are-

Fly Screens for Sliding Doors

Fly Screens for Sliding Doors 

The look and style of the fly screens for sliding doors – If the user is not worried about the look of the screens, he/she can opt for the temporary fly curtain.

If the preference is stylish choices, fly screens for sliding doors are the best option. They come in a variety of styles and customizable options, as well. Overall, the screens look more functional than fashionable.

Fly Screens for Sliding Doors

Fly Screens for Sliding Doors

Durability – Sometimes, durability is different for different types of screens. As mentioned earlier, temporary screens can show quickly wear and tear. Aluminum doors and uPVC lasts for a long time and are tough.

Installation – The installation of smaller screens for sliding doors is simple and it is a DIY project. For big metal screens, it is better to call an expert as early as possible.

Keeping the insects out – If keeping the insects outside is the primary priority, then the best option is to go for a fixed fly screen or a cassette fly screen that is retractable. A cassette is the fly screen’s frame. This is U-shaped for the mesh to make a secure fit. This ensures that no insect can sneak in through the edges, corners, or any other place. Overall, this is ensured that the place is free from bugs. These are available as DIY and professional fit kind of options as well. A fixed fly screen is very effective when the insects need to keep out.

Fly Screens for Sliding Doors

Fly Screens for Sliding Doors 

Removability – Different screens contain different flexibility options can be fitted, removed, and again refitted in a variety of ways. If the fly curtains can be fitted by sticking on the windows, then they are good for only one use. These cannot be installed anywhere else and if they do not leave any kind of mark on the place where they are stuck then it is an additional bonus. If the curtain is of the hook and loop type, they can be easily fitted on the frame of the door. This ensures that these screens can be removed quickly. The screens that are DIY and that are retractable provide the perfect balance between stick on type and hook type. A strong adhesive tape is provided to fit the screen on the window. A professionally fit screen usually requires a set of permanent changes in the wall, as they are bulky and need to fit with screws. Most likely, hire a professional.

Discreteness – If the insect problem needs to be eliminated without changing the appearance of the doors, the best option is to get a screen that needs to be fitting professionally. Professional fitters can ensure that everything starting from the fit, the style, and the appearance falls into the place. Even DIY screens can be used to provide a discrete look.

The points discussed above will help you in making the choice and decide while purchasing fly screens for sliding doors.